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Analysis and measurement tools for postural and podiatric assessments.

Machinery and finishing equipment

Thermoforming machines and grinders for making foot orthotics.


A combination of pre-assembled high-tech materials from which to create custom thermoformable foot orthotics.

Sheet materials

As materials specialists, our range includes an extensive selection of materials for all uses.

Shoe making


Machines tailored specifically to the way pedorthists work.


Pre-assembled foot orthotics tailored to the fitting rooms and pathologies that pedorthists deal with.


Materials and pre-cut elements tailored specifically to the way pedorthists work and to their patients.

Foot care

Treatment units / patient chairs

High-quality, ergonomically designed equipment to ensure optimum comfort when providing foot treatments.

Instruments / peripherals

An extensive range of robust, effective, high-tech instruments and peripherals.


Dedicated products enabling professionals to complete every stage of the cycle, from cleaning to sterilisation.


High-quality products and recognised brands guaranteeing quality and longevity for treatments both within and outside the practice.


Technical support

Installation, advice, cleaning, maintenance, after-sales service: qualified technical support at your service.

OPCT® Factory

The digital solution for your thermoformed orthotics. New solution for the digital era, OPCT® Factory is a service offering digital design and manufacture of your thermoformed orthotics.


In groups or individually, we provide training on different topics all year round and at a convenient location.


Our team of technical sales consultants and trainers are at your service to help in your business development.