The history of the company.


SIDAS is founded by three ski instructors: Loïc David, Jacques Martin, Gabriel Pellicot.

Their personalities and their convictions position SIDAS on the buoyant ski market, developing and marketing a foot-comfort solution for skiing: an insole moulded to one’s foot shape.

The business grows internationally (United States and Japan).

Requested by foot surgeon and doctors and on the impetus of Patrick Boismal, SIDAS opens up to a new market: medical appliances. Birth of the PODIATECH brand and development of adapted solutions for foot-health professionals.



The company is taken over by its three executive officers:

  • François Duvillard
  • Jean-Pierre Delangle
  • Thierry Ravillion


Right from the start, our multi-disciplinary team, backed up by expert professionals, devised a range of innovative solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

Over the years, our openness to international markets has led us to develop technology and materials that meet the different requirements of podiatry around the world.

As a result, today PODIATECH is the leading partner of foot-health professionals worldwide. Lastly, the commitment and technical expertise of our teams are recognised as being key factors by our customers, whose continued loyalty is a measure of our success since 1985.

Podiatech in figures.


Employees around the world


Present in 60 countries


Customers around the world
  • Curious: We are continually searching for new and innovative solutions to improve foot comfort for all.
  • Open: Combining a passion for what we do with specialist knowledge, we always seek out the top experts to help us in our business.
  • Responsible: At SIDAS, we pass on our know-how to professionals and raise awareness among the general public of the importance of feet in sport and healthcare.
  • Pragmatic: We are committed to making tailored solutions available to all.
  • SIDAS can be summed up in four words: innovation, passion, performance & commitment.