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Podiatech, a long-standing player in podiatry.

PODIATECH was established in 1985 in Voiron, near Grenoble, France.

Right after it was founded, the brand launched the Thermopodoform concept on the market, a revolution that would take podiatry by storm.

Today, PODIATECH supplies equipment for podiatry, podiatric orthotics and foot care alongside its service offer (technical services for machinery, training to instruct customers in the day-to-day use of devices, etc.).

PODIATECH’s mission is to continue to be an integral part of the way podiatry develops.
To achieve this, the brand supports associations in touch with professionals and helps sports podiatrists and their associations.

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The inventor of the concept of thermoforming in podiatry, PODIATECH offers a complete range of high-quality and innovative products.

Analysis tools

PODIATECH makes a range of products, from simple measuring tools to sophisticated devices incorporating pressure sensors.

Foot care

PODIATECH has developed a complementary footcare range in association with world-famous partners and brands.


Training, advice, servicing, maintenance, Factory…, PODIATECH is your partner of choice for your business development.

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On 18 and 19 November we will be attending the 51st National Podiatry Congress, to…